Midwest Movement is a new chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic that brings cutting-edge musculoskeletal treatment to Elkhorn, NE.


Our Specialties

We specialize in chiropractic manipulation, muscle release, sports injuries and tendinopathies, pelvic floor and core rehabilitation, movement screening and analysis, trigger point dry needling, and kinesiology taping.


Midwest Movement is led by chiropractors Whitney Haase and Nolan Clausen, two honor graduates from Cleveland University-Kansas City.


Our Mission

Midwest Movement’s mission is to bring a non-invasive, evidence-based approach to musculoskeletal care in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Our goal is to help each patient move optimally, by restoring both mobility and strength, so patients can get out of pain and back to a functional, active life.


We believe human bodies were made for movement, so we prioritize a patient’s return to movement and function with our treatment.


Elkhorn is about to get a fresh approach to chiropractic and rehab, one focused on regaining what our bodies were meant to do: MOVE.